Power Flushing

What is a power flush?

A power flush is the cleaning out of sludge from your central heating system with a specialised flushing machine.

What are the benefits of a power flush?

- Increased efficiency of central heating system, thus saving you money

-Prolonged life of boiler and radiators

- Repairs cold spots from radiators

- Is required by boiler manufacturers that central heating system is flushed when a new boiler is installed to validate guarantee.

How much does a power flush cost?

Fixed Price list for power flushing – Includes Flushing Chemical and Corrosion Inhibitor Chemical

All prices include V.A.T

1 – 8 radiators and boiler


9 - 13 radiators and boiler


14-18 radiators and boiler


18 – 22 radiators


22 plus radiators

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